Physical Therapist

March 10, 2023

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Job Description

Job Description

Strength Through Diversity

Ground breaking science. Advancing medicine. Healing made personal.

Roles & Responsibilities:

Develops, enhances, and implements new clinic treatment protocols/program with guidance of the Program Manager.

Duties and Responsibilities:
1. • Supervises junior staff and provides clinical education, assisting staff with problem solving and development of clinical skills.
2. • Delegates appropriate tasks to staff, provides guidance as needed, and ensures completion of tasks to maximize efficiency.
3. • Demonstrates complete and accurate evaluation skills and procedures.
4. • Develops appropriate and realistic treatment goals to emphasize functional restoration and consistently uses good judgment.
5. • Communicates findings with physicians and team in a prompt manner.
6. • Coordinates and adjusts schedule according to department needs.
7. • Oversees staff reports on patient progress at chart rounds and conferences.
8. • Assist management with implementing Quality Improvement Projects in the clinic.
9. • Assists management with administrative tasks, scheduling and coordinating supplies.
10. • Assists and plans content for departmental meetings and clinic needs.


licensed PT, refer PTCNC bargaining agreement for requirements

Strength Through Diversity

The Mount Sinai Health System believes that diversity, equity, and inclusion are key drivers for excellence. We share a common devotion to delivering exceptional patient care. When you join us, you become a part of Mount Sinai’s unrivaled record of achievement, education, and advancement as we revolutionize medicine together. We invite you to participate actively as a part of the Mount Sinai Health System team by:

1)Using a lens of equity in all aspects of patient care delivery, education, and research to promote policies and practices to allow opportunities for all to thrive and reach their potential
2)Serving as a role model confronting racist, sexist, or other inappropriate actions by speaking up, challenging exclusionary organizational practices, and standing side-by-side in support of colleagues who experience discrimination
3) Inspiring and fostering an environment of anti-racist behaviors among and between departments and co-workers

We work hard to acquire and retain the best people and to create an inclusive, welcoming and nurturing work environment where all feel they are valued, belong, and are able to professionally advance. We share the belief that all employees, regardless of job title or expertise, contribute to the patient experience and quality of patient care.